Anesthesiology is the field of medicine which works for relieving pain before, during, and after surgery.An Anesthesiologist is a medical doctor who administers Anesthesia before any procedure and is specialised in this field. We have a team of experienced Anesthesiologist to handle the pain management during and after any medical procedure.

There are different type of anesthesia which are administered as per the type and need during the surgery. All types of anesthesia are administered to keep the patients pain-free during the surgeries or any medical procedures leaving them unconscious. Patient may be awake or sedated or completely asleep, depending on the type of anesthesia given.

Local Anesthesia: It is given when the patient undergoes some minor procedure like stitching a deep cut, dental procedure or a skin biopsy. In this anesthesia, during the surgery only a small area of body gets numb to prevent the pain at the procedure site.

Regional Anesthesia: This type of Anesthesia numbs a portion of the body such as an extremity (arm or leg). It is required when patient needs to be awake during the procedure such as cesarean deliveries, also known as C-sections.

General Anesthesia: in General Anesthesia patient is deeply asleep and unconscious therefore it is used in major surgeries like heart transplant or knee replacements. During such major surgeries the anesthesiologist monitors heart rate and blood pressure to make sure everything is under control and fine while patient is unconscious.

Planning the Anesthesia procedure:

Before giving any regional or General anesthesia patient will have a pre-anesthesia check up (PAC) with the anesthesiologist. There will be an evaluation of the drug allergies if any, past and present medical history of the patient. Therefore, the whole plan of anaesthesia for the pain management and the procedure side effects during the surgery and after the surgery is discussed with the patient.

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