General Surgeon

General Surgery

General surgery is a specialty of surgery that covers the treatment of any diseases, illness or accidental injuries. The surgeons at Navin hospital are not only experienced in performing different kinds of this surgery but are also concerned about the postoperative recovery of their patients. Once the appointment is taken for any ailment our surgeons will sit and discuss the complete plan and process of surgery with you and will also guide you through the pre-operative and post-operative management during the stay at the hospital.

Below mentioned are the services provided at Navin hospital:

  • Laparoscopic surgery (a thin tube with a high resolution camera in front is inserted via small incision so that the doctor can view the inside images on a video monitor. Few procedures like collecting bossy sample are performed using such instruments where an open surgery needs to be avoided).
  • Breast surgery (modified radical mastectomy (MRM), WLE (Wide local excision), reconstructive surgery for breast)
  • Cyst and Polyp removal
  • Haemorrhoids treatment
  • Vascular surgery for treating circulation related problems.
  • Abdominal surgery (includes organs stomach, pancreas, small and large intestine, liver, pancreas). We have performed under this cholecystectomies, hydatid cyst surgery,CBD (Common Bile Duct Exploration) surgery.
  • Henia surgery
  • Limbs Surgery (Skin grafting, local flaps, amputations, trauma related procedures)
  • Endoscopic surgery (long, thin tube is inserted in the body through openings like mouth or anus to take a view inside the body or to carry minor surgery)
  • Trauma surgery (surgeries related to management of injuries)
  • Head and neck surgeries

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