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A Neurological disorder is due to any problem occurring in the brain, spine, and nerves. Patients suffer severe repercussions due to neuro-related disorders. At Navin Hospital our super-specialty department of neurology,

We provide the best care and results to our patients for any neurological disorder. Our experts have treated a lot of neurological issues with the best clinical care and have also worked in the diagnosis of various major neurological problems for the patients. We conduct all tests and have world class infrastruction for the same. The common tests include are computed axial tomography, MRI scan, lumbar puncture, electroencephalography. We have the latest state of the art MRI machines and Scans available in our premises for better patient support and all at a very reasonable price

At Navin Hospital of Neurosciences, we believe in offering super-specialty tertiary care for kinds of neurological disorders. Our experts specialize in treating all kinds of brain tumors, spinal degenerative diseases, movement disorders, congenital anomalies of the spine and brain as well as all neurovascular diseases/trauma of the spine and brain.

We offer a broad spectrum of services like Advanced Brain Tumor Centre, Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery Centre, and Stroke Centre. It ensures precise treatment of brain tumors by constantly updating MRI scans during brain surgery.

Some very common such disorders are :

• Alzheimer’s Disease (Destroys memory)
• Parkinson’s Disease (movement disorder leading to difficulty in walking or doing anything)
• Seizures (Epilepsy)
• Stroke
• Spine injury or Spine Tumor
• Aneurysm (Bulging of artery causing rupture and bleeding)
• Movement Disorders
• Dementia (loss of memory, impaired judgment)
• Headaches
• Spinal cord tumor
• Meningitis (Viral or Bacterial Infection of the brain and spinal tissue)
• Muscular dystrophy (muscle degeneration)

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