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Started in 2003

Navin Hospital in Greater Noida started in 2003 with a motto to serve and bring happiness to all residents in Greater Noida through the affordable healthcare facility. In the past sixteen years, our hospital has seen a tremendous growth in healthcare, hospitals and health insurance that has led to an improvement in health & a standard of living in people at Greater Noida. With various health awareness schemes and programmes people have become more aware of various health related problems & understood that “Health is real Wealth”.

Our Outstanding Services

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Ambulance services

Navin Hospital provides the best of medical evacuation and ambulance services in Greater Noida. We provide retrieval and repatriations of critically ill people and injured to and from Noida & Greater Noida…

Outdoor Patient Services

There is an outdoor treatment section in Navin Hospital for regular health checkups of different disease. From the dentist to pediatrician, eye-specialist to a cardio expert to a physician to orthopedics to gyne & obstetrics to ENT…

Indoor Patient Services

In this department , our staff care for the patient whose condition requires admission to the hospital. A patient who enter in the indoor patient care mainly from previous ambulatory care such as referral from a family doctor …

Emergency Care Services

Emergency Care Services at Navin Hospitals guarantees you the highest levels of skill, expertise and infrastructure . the protocols at our 24-hour emergency service and trauma care department in greater noida…

Operation theater

Our OT complex is designed to work round the clock. The main OT complex located on the Fifth Floor constitutes of the various surgical procedures conducted in this hospital. It has been designed to provide 2….

Laboratory Services

At Navin Hospital laboratory services deliver the precise and accurate reporting of patient samples, which gives the consulting doctor a confidence in taking right medical decision while treating their patients…

Radiology Services

Navin Hospital’s Department of Radiology offers diagnostic and interventional radiology services that include X-Ray, IVP, HSG, BARIUM MEAL FOLLOW, CT Scan, Ultrasound, color doppler….

Pharmacy Services

Navin hospital exists to provide diagnostic and curative services to patients. Pharmaceuticals are an integral part of patient care. Appropriate use of medicines in the hospital …

Canteen Services

We are offering Canteen services Providing Good-quality, nutritious meals play a vital part in patients’ rehabilitation & recovery. Cost effective & flexible enough to provide a good choice of …

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Over 16 years of experience.
Navin Hospital in Greater Noida started in 2003 with the motto to serve and bring happiness to all residents in Greater Noida through the affordable healthcare facility. The hospital is currently 100 bedded.
We have experienced Doctor's
Navin Hospital, support to educate and treat them holistically to good health. Among the various hospitals in Greater Noida, Navin Hospital boasts of being a multispecialty hospital with the best possible hospitality and quality of care.
We are providing
We are providing best in class treatment and the patient is assured of getting the right help. We have various comprehensive healthcare facilities and are already on the panel of various government & private companies.

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