Pathology is the branch of medicine that plays the most important role in diagnosis and identification of diseases by performing tests on samples like blood, urine, tissues, body fluid or surgically removed organs. Therefore it provides a major support to the treatment and clinical services provided by the doctors to treat any illness. A Pathologist is a doctor who is specialised in identifying such diseases through various tests. The Pathology department is a very crucial department of any hospital, the cause and extent of any disease or an infection is checked by a pathologist and the patient treatment is conducted in the right direction in coordination with the doctors. At Navin our Pathologists strive to provide most accurate results and diagnosis for the patients.

Two major subdivisions of Pathology are mentioned below :

Anatomical Pathology : Includes diagnosis of disease through microscopic examination to manage treatment. There are further two types in anatomic pathology, one is Histopathology where a tissue from the biopsy or surgery is examined under the microscope and another one is Cytopathology where the cells from the fluid or tissues are examined for diagnosis. The department of Histopathology (examination of human tissue)comes under anatomical pathology.

Clinical Pathology : Includes analysis of body fluids such as blood, urine, and other body fluids for diagnosis of the diseases. Various blood tests are performed under department of Hematopathology to check for lipids, electrolytes, kidney and liver function in patients. Also there is Microbiology department where the cause of any disease due to any micro-organism (Bacteria, virus, fung, parasite) is diagnosed by running tests on the body fluids.


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