Department Of Nephrology

Nephrology is a specialty that takes care of the diagnosis and treatment of any kidney problems. Our team of Nephrologists at Navin hospital is highly skilled to treat kidney ailments and chronic kidney diseases. Our surgeons are highly skilled to diagnose kidney conditions that need special high-quality care. The Department of Nephrology at Navin is capable of various tests such as Kidney biopsy, Urinalysis, and other various tests also.


The Department of Nephrology at Navin is capable to treat various kidney conditions and disorders –

• Diabetic nephropathy (kidney damage due to diabetes)
• Hematuria (blood in urine)
• Renal vascular disease (problems related to blood flow in the kidneys artery or vein)
• Chronic kidney diseases (commonly caused by high blood pressure)
• Removal of Kidney stones (Shock wave Lithotripsy is a procedure commonly done for big stones removal)
• Kidney Biopsy : Procedure where a small tissue from kidney is taken for examination and diagnosis.
• Polycystic kidney disease : Genetic disorder that results in cysts in kidneys.

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