Emergency & Trauma Centre

Emergency & Trauma Centre

Injury (trauma) is the major cause of death for all age groups. Motor vehicle accidents, fire injuries, drowning, falls and poisoning are the common causes of trauma.

The Department of Accident and Trauma Care functions round the clock at Navin Hospital, Greater Noida. Accident victims are picked up by our special intensive care ambulances. Resuscitation measures start the moment a patient is picked up.

Navin Hospital being a Multi Speciality Hospital makes it fully equipped to give support for any emergency patient (not just accident victims) and treats the emergency patients efficiently with utmost care.

Our Emergency Services are made more effective by the quick responding fleet of ambulances which are available for a patient pickup round the clock. We pick up patients from all over Greater Noida.

Services Available At The Emergency Department

A Triage Room: When a large number of patients are admitted at the same time, patients with medical priorities are given the first preference.
Resuscitation Room: Patients facing life-threatening problems are stabilized in this area by a team of specialist doctors. Resuscitation room is facilitated with monitors, defibrillators and ventilators.
Back-up Support: The emergency department of the hospital is backed by a 24-hour blood bank, biochemistry labs, diagnostics imaging facilities, and emergency operation theaters.
Specialist Doctors: We have a team of specialist doctors available round-the-clock to treat all types of emergencies.